President's Message

As the 2018-2019 President, I feel privileged to be in the company of such accomplished professionals in the legal industry.  Over the last 11 years I have witnessed their dedication and commitment to making this chapter inclusive, effective and indispensable.  At the top of that list is my predecessor and immediate past President, Pam Sachs, who has been a colleague at two prior firms and guided me effortlessly to serve on two Committees, on the Board and now to this position.  The Committee work was fulfilling, yet not so time consuming due to every member’s willingness to contribute and be engaged.  Our Board and Committee Chairs continue to do amazing work to bring to the membership exceptional educational programming, a strong connection to our Business Partners, a solid bond to our community and the critical tools necessary in today’s Legal environment.

I am fortunate to have been a member of the South Florida and Orlando Chapters and have made many lasting friendship that live on today.  At a prior firm, I was involved with the expansion and establishment of new offices.  My first call in every new market was to the local ALA Chapter President, usually to purchase the local Salary and Benefits Survey.  Every call was received with warmth and welcome assistance.  The Charlotte Chapter is no exception as therein lies the most valuable part of membership; the connection to other committed professionals willing to share advice and experience readily.  With 60 plus members, there is always someone (usually many) who has faced whatever complex situation you may be experiencing and is willing to share their thoughts about it.  It is like on-demand consulting for free.

And I can’t go without mentioning my favorite part, connecting with the members and business partners at our community service events or our purely social gatherings.  That seems to be the place where conversations flow and relationships are built.

I hope you share these sentiments. I also hope you are taking advantage of the many benefits and activities our Chapter provides. Following are just a few examples:

  • Interesting and educational monthly luncheon programs

  • Full and half-day conferences for more in-depth learning

  • Community Service opportunities

  • Peer networking and social events

  • Roundtables addressing specific management roles and topics

  • Scholarships to Regional and National ALA Conferences

  • Annual Charlotte ALA Chapter Salary and Benefits Survey

Please contact me or any Board member to learn more about the Chapter’s activities and how you can get more involved through attending events, serving on a committee and participating on the Board of Directors. In addition, please contact any of us with questions and feedback.


John J. Hartnett
Alston & Bird
2018-2019 President